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I always like to put up this picture.  This is our first two goldens, with me and my twins, Megan and Matthew.  They were about 1, in this picture.  They are now 21 years old.  Megan and Matthew were always a huge part of the dogs, caring, training, feeding, walking and loving them.  Going to vet apts, they where always there to help.  Also did a great job at helping with whelping puppies as well.  They started showing dogs with me back when they were 10.  They started showing young pups and did very well.  Megan went on to being quite good at it, and continued with her dog Star.  Megan was taken from us on 7/10/2010 in a car accident.  Life will never be the same without her.
I have been an animal lover my entire life.  I had dogs when I was young,My first dogs where  Rebel a german shephard, and Harley was a female doberman mix, when I was 19.  I also owned and rode horses and worked at the horse barn in Manchester, MA.  I bought my first golden for breeding purposes in 1989.  to be continued


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